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Group Show: Winter - Galerie Born, Born a. Darss

Born a. Darss:
26. Dezember 2020 – 3. Januar 2021
WINTER – Gruppenausstellung
Künstler der Galerie und Gäste
täglich 11 – 17 Uhr

Video: Deutsche Welle - TV Euromaxx

Fascinating artworks made with date stamps

Italian artist Federico Pietrella creates his works using only date stamps. Portraits, still lifes, city scenes: the drawings are created using a hatching technique. Close inspection reveals the date the work was done.

Solo Show: My Time is Your Time - Galleria Ex Elettrofonica, Roma

15 September marks the start of a project that will conclude with a solo show featuring Federico Pietrella entitled My Time is Your Time at Ex Elettrofonica. From 15 September to 28 November, the artist will use the gallery space as his studio and receive visitors, who can watch work for the exhibit in progress.

Vicolo Sant’Onofrio, 10 00165 Rome (IT) 
+39 0664760163 | skype: exelettrofonica
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 15 – 19 or by appointment. Sunday closed.

Solo Show: Federico Pietrella, New Works - Galerie Born a. Darss

6. September – 1. November 2020

GALERIE BORN, Born a. Darss 
Südstr. 22, 18375 Born a. Darss
T +49 (0) 38 234 / 674 804, Mi – So 11 – 17 Uhr

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